How to Prevent Cooking Smells in Your Apartment


You may enjoy cooking in your apartment but not the lingering smells that come about afterwards. Here are some tips to keep everything smelling fresh.

Are you a culinary creative who loves trying out new recipes in your kitchen? While cooking, you may sometimes realize that the confined space of an apartment leads to odors that make your living space a bit more unenjoyable. As delicious as your food may smell in the moment, it’s unlikely that you want to wake up the next morning and be hit by a wave of last night’s meal smells. Taking the time to engage in some precautionary measures to keep your apartment from smelling like whatever you cook can go a long way in making cooking much more enjoyable!

Take Advantage of Ranges

If your stove has a range above it, make sure you’re always using it. This means that even when you’re just prepping, you want to leave the fan on to help get rid of some of those smells and ensure that it’s all warmed up once you actually begin cooking your meal. Opening a window and using a box fan can also work in a pinch if you’re cooking something that smells particularly strong. You also want to close any other doors in your apartment to help prevent those smells from seeping into bedrooms if possible.

Clean Immediately

After consuming a meal you spent a while making, it’s going to be tempting to do those dishes later. You might end up going to sleep or getting distracted with something else, but this only leads to those smells accumulating and remaining a problem for you down the line. Instead of leaving those dishes in the sink, try taking the time to clean immediately after you’re done eating. It may be difficult to muster up the energy, but doing so will only prove to help reduce the problem and keep your apartment smelling fresh.

Use Baking Soda

As far as natural cleaners go, baking soda can actually do wonders. Its known for its ability to suck up scents and deserves a spot every apartment kitchen. Simply fill up a few jars with baking soda and strategically place them around your kitchen to help prevent the unwanted buildup of cooking smells. You can also try coffee grounds if you’ve got them around which do the same kind of trick!

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