How You Can Sound and Light Proof Your Apartment Bedroom

Apartment Bedroom

Keeping your apartment bedroom free of sound and light is often essential in getting a good night of rest.

A lot of factors can impact our sleep. Some we have control over, others we can’t do much about at all. You may not feel like you have much control over the light and sound that’s pumping into your apartment bedroom and keeping you up, but with a few tricks in mind, there are ways to ensure you get better rest at night. We all know just how vital sleep is to our overall health and why having a dark, quiet environment is a big part of that. Continue to find out just a few ways to help prevent unwanted sound and light in your apartment bedroom.

Blackout Curtains

Having a beautiful view out of your windows is always a treat, but too much exposure to sunlight can be quite the bummer in the morning. Regular curtains can sometimes do the trick, but if you’re bothered by light, blackout curtains are a significant investment. This way, you can still leave your windows open to sunlight when you want, but you can create a completely dark room as well. This can also help keep your apartment bedroom fresh in the summer by blocking out warm sunlight. Be on the lookout for heavy fabrics like cotton, wool, or even flannel.

Window Seals

Every window should be properly sealed if you want to reduce sound and light adequately. Take the time to look around your windows and, if necessary, purchase new insulating strips to fill any gaps. Otherwise, you’re going to end up hearing all those pesky outdoor sounds and light can sneak its way into your room as well.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can help reduce sound because their thick fabric will absorb some of those sound waves. You don’t have to do anything fancy here, either, as a simple area rug with rug pads can be a great sound barrier. If you can get a rug that’s the size of the room with around 12 inches of exposed floor around the perimeter of the room, that’s ideal, but small area rugs will do the trick as well.


Preventing some sound from coming at you horizontally is also a great idea. The same trick as area rugs can be done with upholstered furniture, like a headboard, bench at the foot of your bed, or even just a blanket that you hang on your wall. Either way, this can do great things in terms of dampening the sound in your apartment bedroom.

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