4 Tips For Keeping Your Apartment Bright This Winter


Don’t let the winter weather be a drag. Make sure your apartment feels bright, warm, and cozy.

The winter months can mean that we’re forced to spend more time in our homes than we’d otherwise like, but it also makes for shorter days and much less available natural sunlight. If you’re someone who really needs a space to feel bright and open, even in a smaller apartment, winter can be a real struggle. Fortunately, we have four tips for keeping your apartment feeling bright and cheery during the dreary winter season.

1. Using Houseplants

Putting a houseplant or two in the larger rooms of your apartment, like your living space or kitchen, can go a long way in making spaces feel more natural. You may be thinking, “but I don’t have enough natural light for plants!” There are a number of options out there that need minimal light and little watering, which are ideal for apartment living. Take a look into succulents, which can brighten up a room’s atmosphere and require very little care.

2. New Accent Lighting

There is a huge amount of lighting products out on the market these days. Everything from smart assistant controlled bulbs to LED power strips that can be run down a corridor is possible. Investing in a few smart lighting options, and placing lights where you’d otherwise not expect to see any, is a crucial part of making your apartment feel just a tad sunnier.

3. Mirrors

Reflective surfaces like any mirror you may find do a great job of brightening up dark, unattractive spaces. Plus, there’s the obvious utility of having an extra mirror to check your outfit in before you head out in the mornings. By reflecting some of the light that your lamps give off, your apartment will feel much brighter.

4. Bright Accessorizing

Even your home decor can influence how bright a room feels. Picking brightly colored pillows, blankets, and rugs can make everything feel much more like home. Sometimes people make the mistake of going all black everything because it’s easier to clean and looks minimalist, but some brightness in there will make your apartment feel less like a cave and more like a big, wide open home.

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