4 Tips for Curbing Bad Budgeting Practices


Budgeting and balancing the books isn’t always easy. Here are some tips to keep you on track to success!

No matter how much experience you accrue, budgeting is always difficult. There are just so many bills to keep track of, as well as rent and other expenses, and it’s hard not to come up with justifications for spending more money when you don’t need to. It’s not a good feeling checking your bank account and realizing you’ve sabotaged yourself, either. If you want to curb some of those bad spending practices, read on to find out a few tips on how to better stick to your budgeting plans.

Distance Yourself From Overusing Credit

It’s pretty easy to get a credit card and it’s even easier to give it a swipe when you don’t want to put something on your debit card. However, those charges begin to snowball over the months and next thing you know, your bill is massive and you’re suddenly being charged interest or account maintenance fees. Take some time to stop using your credit card, pay for what you can afford, and pay that credit card off, too.

Keep Track of Small Purchases

You may not include all those small purchases in your budgeting, but those are the kinds of costs that can end up sneaking up on you. You may think the $5 you spend on coffee every day isn’t much, but it can add up to over $1,000 in a year—which makes it apparent that you may be spending too much on your caffeine fix. Little changes like making your own coffee or lunch can help you save a big chunk of money in the long term.

Better Grocery Shopping

Going into a grocery store without a plan is a common pitfall for anyone who cares about budgeting. You may end up sliding an extra box of cookies or crackers into your cart without even thinking about it, even though you’re only purchasing these items because you’re hungry at the time. Instead, come up with a complete list before you go shopping one day. Take note of the prices of everything you purchase. After you do your grocery shopping, go over the list and see if there are any items that cost more than you originally thought—and decide whether or not it’s really worth it for you to continue to purchase the same groceries.

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