4 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter

saving energy

Saving energy is important for your wallet, the environment, and even your health. Read on to discover some helpful tips.

It’s understandable to want to save energy during the winter time; no one wants to be uncomfortably cold, and it’s hard to stay warm without cranking up the heat.  Not to mention, there are a few other things that contribute to your energy bill that may cause it to cost you a little more this month.  Saving energy is important for your wallet, the environment, and even your health.  Read on to discover some helpful tips.

1. Get a humidifier.


Did you know moisture in the air helps to retain heat?  A humidifier is also an excellent way to keep your skin healthy and moisturized during the dry months of winter.  You can run one while you sleep, and set the thermostat on a lower temperature without adding any physical discomfort.


2. Unplug when not in use.


Do you leave your computer plugged in when you leave the house?  Over time, this can really add up on your energy bill.  When an electronic appliance is plugged in, it can draw energy even when it isn’t in use.  If you aren’t utilizing something like your laptop or your coffee maker, it’s a smart idea to unplug it to save energy.


3. Window adjustments.


Open your blinds every morning to ensure the sunlight is filtering into your apartment at maximum capacity.  This way, the sun will heat your home for free!  And when the sun sets, it’s a good idea to lower the blinds, as this will help keep heat inside.  This simple task can save quite a lot of money on your energy bill.


4. Energy efficient light bulbs.


Energy efficient light bulbs don’t just last longer than incandescents–they also save a ton of energy, and are easily recyclable.  LEDs actually last up to 25 times longer, and save anywhere from 20-25% of energy.  To cut down on your energy bill, ensure that all of your light bulbs have been changed out to reflect energy efficiency. 4K movies download 4k-hd.club site Ultra HD 2160p movies for your, english movies download and watch, Ultra HD movie of Avatar 4K 2009 !

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