Benefits of an Apartment Plant During the Winter

Apartments Plant benefits in the WInterYou might not realize it, but keeping an indoor plant offers a host of benefits, besides some natural home décor.  This is especially true in the winter, where their ability to help improve air quality, their ability to reduce stress, and even help shake the winter blues are most clearly felt.

Improve Air Quality

Plants do more for the air then making it smell good, they actually improve the air quality, which can improve your health. This is especially true during the winter, when you spend most of your time indoors. Plants filter the air through two processes, first, and most important is photosynthesis. In photosynthesis plants turn carbon dioxide, water, and light into sugars, that they store, and fresh oxygen that they release. In plant respiration, plants use the sugars they made, and oxygen to make energy for themselves, water, and carbon dioxide.  Both processes filter the air, as the plant takes in the necessary gasses for photosynthesis and respiration. This helps remove airborne molds, bacteria, and toxins. Having a plant in bright light also increases the oxygen put out, as the plant photosynthesizes more then it respires.

Green Helps Beat the Winter Blues

Studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress and improve productivity, especially in the winter. Lots of people feel down in the winter, due to the cold, shorter days, and lack of color, while extreme cases might result in seasonal affective disorder.  This can result in a loss of drive, withdrawal from socializing, and the tendency to oversleep and overeat.

Apartment plants can help relieve some of the causes and symptoms by adding some a natural element to your apartment and by providing small tasks. The natural green of plants has been show to have a calming and stress relieving effect in psychological studies, while helping with focus.  The smell of plants, natural and earthy, helps make up for your lack of time outside, essentially tricking your brain into thinking you’re out more then you are. Finally, the small tasks in providing for and taking care of a house plant can help one focus, and stay happy and healthy. Making a daily habit of watering and cleaning up fallen leaves, or needles, can help you stabilize and add a sense of routine and normalcy that help elevate mood.

Plants Best Fit For Your Apartment

Not all plants can thrive in the apartment setting, so it’s important to carefully consider your situation before buying a plant, here we’ll share some of the best plants for an apartment to make finding the right fit easier for you.

First there are the cacti and succulents, all of which are very low maintenance and come in a variety in shapes and colors. Aloe in particular is an excellent succulent to grow as long as you have bright light. It’s easy to care for, as long as it has a lot of sun, and has the added benefit that you can use the gel from its leaves to help treat burns and cuts.

If don’t have a very green thumb the snake plant is the plant for you. It can survive in full sun, or the shade, and requires very little watering. They are quite difficult to accidentally kill.

Finally, the peace lily is one of the best plants for keeping in an apartment.  It is hardy, requiring little light and watering, and is one of the most effective air purifiers according to a NASA study. It also has the bonus of being one of the few low-light plants that produces flowers. Visit the website of our friends: XXX Videos – PORNOELENA.COM.

Looking for a Home for you Apartment Plants?

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