Have a Romantic Valentine’s Day at your Apartment this Year

It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day, and all good men and women should start making their plans to impress the special someone with a romantic Valentine’s Day. Here at The Apartments of Wildewood, we want to help make sure your Valentine’s Day special this year. So we’ve created a compilation of suggestions on how to set a romantic atmosphere in your apartment.

The Sounds of Romance

Mood music is important to a romantic atmosphere. Prepare a play list of soft romantic music a couple of days in advance. Try and discretely enquire into your significant others favorite romantic music so you can include it on the playlist. When Valentine’s Day comes, arrange to have the music playing while you prepare and eat dinner, and make sure your computer or sound systems settings are set to loop the playlist without interruption until you decide to turn it off. If music isn’t your thing as a couple, you might consider various white noise soundtracks like the sound of rain on a roof, or waves gently lapping at a beach.

The Right Light for a Romantic Night

The lighting of your apartment is another crucial aspect of getting the atmosphere right for Valentine’s Day. Keeping the light levels low keeps the evening intimate. If you have a dimmer, it’s easy to achieve this effect. If not there are simple and inexpensive ways to achieve a low lighting effect. You can use candles, but you have to keep an eye on them at all times and have to extinguish them if you leave the room, they can also be a hazard if you have pets.  Electric or battery operated candles are safer and can realistically reproduce the lighting effects of real candles. String lighting, can also provide dim lighting and add to the whimsical mood of the evening.Romantic Valentine's Day

Other Considerations

Other things to consider when setting the atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day are things like decorations and the fragrance of your apartment.  For decorations, bring your photos as a couple to the foreground, making them stand out as a reminder of your lovely time together. Also consider getting a bouquet of flowers to serve as a centerpiece at your dining room table, and rose petals to spread around strategically. Finally make sure you remember address the fragrance of the apartment. Our sense of smell is our sense most powerfully connected to memory, so choose a subtle and romantic scent, such a tuberose, lilac, jasmine, or sandalwood, which your significant other will forever associate with this wonderful Valentine’s Day. Play best friv games on the site friv games on friv5online.com now! Play best friv games on the site friv games now! Play best friv games site.

Enjoy a Romantic Valentine’s Day Evening with your Loved One at The Wildewood of Apartments.

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