3 Principles for Childproofing Your Apartment


Take these precautions for childproofing your apartment just to be sure that everyone is kept safe.

Expecting parents have enough to worry about, including stacks of baby care books, birthing classes, and much more. Keeping everything as stress-free as possible is essential for parents and that includes making safety around the apartment a no-brainer. Taking the time to prepare ahead of time can make safety around the apartment easy, meaning you work smarter rather than harder. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to ensure your child is safe while in your apartment.

1. Make Everything Organized

The fact is, children end up grabbing whatever they can get their hands on and putting things where they shouldn’t be. Sometimes, this means putting toxic materials like medicines or chemicals can get in their mouths. The first part of child safety is storing away any risky items so that they’re all out of reach. Those little things that may seem unimportant like paper clips or hair ties can actually be serious health risks for your little one so keep your apartment nice and organized to prevent any issues.

2. Lock it Down

There are some places that children just shouldn’t be able to access, like your kitchen knife block or pots and pans. Keeping children out of cabinets and drawers is easier than ever thanks to the number of products out there designed for such a purpose. There are all kinds of appliance and cabinet locks out there to keep them inaccessible to children. While it may not be a security issue, this is also an important part of locking up your valuables so children aren’t getting their hands on some prized possession.

3. Blocking Off Access

While locking access to specific drawers or cabinets is critical, you may also need to block off entire parts of your apartment. This can be done with child gates that are a simple way of keeping access shutdown in any doorway or entrance. Keeping windows and the front door of your apartment locked down is always critical as well, as you don’t want a particularly crafty child to get somewhere they shouldn’t be.

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