What Can You Do to Keep Your Carpets Clean From Pets?


Keeping your carpet clean from your pet is a necessity in a smaller space like an apartment.

If you own pets in your apartment and also have carpets, you know how frustrating that can end up being. If the problem gets bad enough, you can even risk losing your security deposit. Your pets may be important to you, but keeping your carpet clean is a necessity as well. If you live in an apartment with pets, try these tips to keep your carpet looking and smelling clean.

Getting Rid of Shedding

If you have a cat or dog with long hair, you’re aware of how annoying shedding can be. As cute as your pet may be, it can also cause your apartment to accumulate pet hair you don’t want. Vacuuming often is the easiest way of getting rid of pet hair but it’s not guaranteed to get rid of it all. One thing you can try is using a lint roller or even just duct tape to pick up large amounts of hair. Another method is to put on a pair of rubber gloves, get the gloves wet, and then brush your hands over the carpet which will cause pet hair to stick to the glove.

Handling Stains

If you’ve got a younger kitten or puppy, you may be worried about stains. Catching any accidents early on is essential in preventing any of those spots. Take some paper towels and soak up what you can, then, take more paper towels and make sure they’re weighed down with a heavy object to make sure you’re drying everything you can up. After that, you can just use warm water and dish soap to prevent any discoloration. If you’re unable to handle the issue immediately, a mixture of vinegar and cold water may be helpful in getting rid of odor or you can use carpet cleaner products as well.

Easy Solutions

If you prefer to use natural cleaners in your apartment, combining vinegar and water is always easy—you just need one cup of white vinegar and two cups of water to make an easy homemade solution. Baking soda is also an option you can take advantage of. For maximum effectiveness, try sprinkling baking soda over your carpet, then add your vinegar mixture, and then dry it all up and vacuum it all.

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