How to Properly Give Notice on Your Apartment


When moving out of your apartment, it’s critical that you give proper notice to your landlord or leasing agency.

Whether you have a year long lease or you’re month-to-month, it’s always important to give your landlord or leasing office proper notice before you move out. This means letting them know of your intent to vacate so that you keep your security deposit. Vacating your apartment properly and considerately is a good thing not just for your landlord, but it means they can be a good reference for you in the future.

Looking at the Lease

Typically, your lease will have some information about vacating. If you’re breaking your lease early, there may be penalties outlined within the lease. Make sure you take a look at any of the terms that could impact you. Some of the terms you may see include a notice period, typically 30 to 60 days, how you should give notice, what conditions must be met to have your deposit returned, and sometimes even information about how damage or cleaning fees are handled. Being familiar with the terms of your lease will help you in the event that you need to give notice that you’re leaving.

Speaking to Your Leasing Office or Landlord

As soon as your plan to move is set in stone, you’ll want to let your landlord or leasing office know, even if it’s much earlier than the period of notice required by your lease. This is because it’s a great time to ask any specific questions you have, including how to give formal notice, and get any clarification you may need before planning your big move.

Writing a Notice of Intent to Vacate

Not every lease requires that you formally write up a notice of intent to vacate, but it’s still the safest way to let everyone know that you’re planning on moving out. Be sure to include what date you will be fully moved out on. It’s also a great idea to send your letter through the mail as a recorded delivery or signed for delivery, just so you have some confirmation that your notice was received.

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