Adding Color to Your Apartment

When it comes to adding color to your apartment there are many great alternatives if you can’t or don’t want to paint your apartment’s walls.

Paint is typically the first option people consider when they want to add color to a space. Although paint is often the quickest and most effective way to change or add color to a room, it’s sometimes not a practical or feasible option, especially when living in an apartment. So, here are four ways to add color to your apartment without painting its interior. 

Wall Art

Wall art is a great alternative if you can’t or don’t want to paint your apartment’s walls. Hanging wall art requires less effort than painting and can be done without damaging or altering the appearance of your walls. Wall art can consist of small painting pieces, oversized paintings, or photographs. It serves as a focal point in a room and adds a splash of color, instantly making it brighter, enhancing its appeal, setting a tone, and making it stand out amongst other rooms in your home.

Furniture and Accessories

Colorful, patterned, and textured furniture pieces and accessories are a great way to add color, boldness, style, and versatility to your apartment. It’s also a helpful way to enhance the appeal of your apartment’s interior, allowing you to create a personalized living space that complements the aesthetics and layout of your apartment. For instance, you can add a textured couch, colorful coffee table, colorful window shades, or switch it up and add a plain colored couch with colorful pillows and blankets. Various options are available when adding color to your apartment with different furniture pieces and accessories to match.


Along with adding a soft layer to your apartment, floors rugs are another great way to add color, style, and dimension to your apartment. Strategically placing a large textured, patterned, colored, or shaped rug can define areas in your apartment while adding contrasting colors in a room that can accentuate your apartment’s natural wall, carpet, furniture, and accessories.


Plants are an inexpensive and inexpensive way to add color to your apartment. Plants, both real and fake, ranging from miniature trees to colorful flowers, are becoming an increasingly popular home décor item that is being incorporated into living spaces to complement a room’s design by adding a splash of color and natural scenery. If you’re thinking about adding plants to your apartment, bonsai trees, fiddle leaf figs, cacti, bamboo, aloe vera, air plants, lilies, succulents, spider plants, zebra plants, or orchids are great options.

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