4 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment Bathroom

Apartment Bathroom

Take advantage of these tips for decorating your apartment bathroom and creating your own little oasis.

Your apartment bathroom is likely an essential part of your home, where you spend time getting ready for the day or even unwinding from work, school or other responsibilities. It’s a small thing but making your apartment bathroom a tad more aesthetically pleasing can go a long way in making your morning routine more enjoyable or creating a space you actually want to spend time in. When it comes to apartment bathroom decorating, you may need to keep things minimal and lowkey, so we’re here with four ideas for creating the perfect bathroom.

1. Use Plants

The right kind of plant doesn’t take very much space up but adds a whole extra visual element to a bathroom. Just by adding a touch of green, it can make everything feel much more refreshing. Plants are great for bathrooms as well, as there are some variations that don’t need much light but love the humidity of a bathroom, like bromeliads or orchids. It’s a very simple way to add a nice accent to your bathroom.

2. Put Up Art

Some spaces that are for entertaining may not benefit from art as much, but in a space that’s more about utility than anything else, some wall art can really change things up. Keeping things clean and muted adds warmth to an otherwise cold, uninteresting area. Plus, it allows you to show off a bit of your personality so that guests get to see a sliver of who you are and what your interests may be.

3. Incorporate Your Supplies

Not everything that is useful has to be devoid of personality. For example, you can fill mason jars with your hygiene supplies like cotton balls, swabs, or tissues and place them along your countertop for an extra-decorative space. These can even be painted and decorated to add a special touch or a fun element for children to get involved.

4. Mirrors Do Wonders

Your bathroom surely has a mirror above the sink, but there’s a good reason to add more. Even adding a small mirror on your countertop can add the perception of a larger space and make everything feel just a bit more welcoming. Plus, it also adds some utility and may make it easier to shave or put on makeup or whatever your daily process may entail.

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